Girlfriend Presents For Your Special Someone

She finally replied with the big YES. After much ado. And it does not stop there, oh no my good man. Your undying love needs to be expressed tangibly. That eternal feeling that wells deep inside you has to be translated into a gift — a gift that will make her remember you. Otherwise that magical feeling will soon slowly fade away. Yes, those are the ABC’s of love, young man. It has to be communicated with something touchable, something seeable, something that keeps reminding them that we love them, and this object called gift is the thing that makes it real. It need not be pricey; it just has to be something that will make her retain how important you are in her mind.

Here are a few pointers for choosing girlfriend presents.

o Compile all her favorite music on a disc with her face printed on the cover of the case. Or put them all on an mp3 player and give that as a girlfriend present. That ought to win you extra retention points.

o Very trite but I assure you, the mushier the better…the cuddliest teddy bear carrying a bouquet of flowers. No, not you, you nincompoop, a stuffed teddy bear. Perfect girlfriend present.

o Sweets will always do the trick. Girls will not, even if it kills them, ignore sweets.

o Girl trinkets and accessories never fail. Remember how your sister scours the whole mall in search of a headband that everybody wears. Now, snoop around as to what’s in style when it comes to lady accessories and shop for it.

o Girls are suckers for perfumes. It is imperative to be familiar with what she loves spraying on herself. Or you might want to innocently pass by the perfume section of the mall and mingle awhile until she mentions her preferred scent.

o Bags and purses are popular items with girls, so choosing them would be a fitting girlfriend present.

o Watch out for collections that she might have. It would be great if she has any. Most women do, and what a winning move to add something to that precious collection. It can be posters, stamps, dolls, dresses, or even scarves perhaps. Whatever you do, do not let her know what you are up to. The impact of the girlfriend present is intrinsically based on the element of surprise. The more she is surprised, the better.

o Does she have albums and albums of photos on her Facebook profile? Gather them all and create a collage of all her pictures.